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Personal Care Services:

Personal Care Services (PCS) is included within HCBS. PCS provides individuals who need assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) such as bathing, dressing, toileting, ambulation, or feeding. PCS can also include assistance with Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) such as meal preparation, grocery shopping, and money management.

Community Living Support:

Community Living Support services are used to improve or maintain the self‑sufficiency of a person. We highly personalize each program to empower individuals to achieve their goals in the many aspects of their lives. Some goals may focus on daily self‑care or activities of daily living (ADLs), while others aim for community inclusion.

The goals both our staff and consumers work on are found in a document called an Individual Plan of Service (IPOS). An IPOS utilizes the consumer’s personal strengths and abilities and is created with respect to his or her choices and wishes. This process begins with the individual at the center and grows outward.

Resources from different aspects of the consumer’s life will be used in the planning. The people involved can be teachers, social workers, doctors, friends, family, and coworkers.

Using person‑centered planning, our staff helps consumers make decisions regarding their life and support. Together, the team will work hard to identify the necessary resources for the consumer to reach his/her personal goals, articulating in IPOS all of these objectives and agreements made during the planning process.



Respite care provides temporary relief for a primary caregiver, enabling you to take a much‑needed break from the demands of caregiving for a sick, aging, or disabled family member. Respite care can take place in your own home, at day‑care centers, or at residential or nursing facilities that offer overnight stays. Whether it’s for just a few hours a week or an extended vacation, seeking respite care can help ease the burden of family caregiving and help to relieve stress, restore your energy, and promote balance in your life. It can also prevent you from becoming exhausted, isolated, or even burned out. Respite care can benefit the person you’re caring for, too, providing them with variety, stimulation, and a welcome change of routine.

Home Help:

Home Help is a state Medicaid program administered by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) for elderly and disabled Michigan residents that require assistance with their daily living activities provided through Medicaid and Medicare. This program’s services include personal care, such as bathing and toileting, as well as assistance with laundry and shopping for essentials. The Home Help Program is intended to promote independence at home and delay institutionalization. Therefore, it is not available to individuals living in nursing homes, adult foster care homes, or assisted living residences.

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